View Full Version : Magnesium Citrate???

07-18-2012, 06:25 PM
Time for my second try. I have been scheduled for my first colonoscopy on tuesday. It should've been done a couple weeks ago, but the prep I was given, suprep, wasn't working for me. I was so frustrated and could not get it down in the time they told me to. I felt so bad and so ridiculous that I couldn't finish it, cried, felt like a big baby, and have been having a horrible time trying to deal with the doctors office about finding a new prep. I requested dulcolax and miralax as my prep, but was told I couldn't do it. now they have given me the prep of two 10 oz. bottles of magnesium citrate, and 4 dulcolax laxative pills. The time frame is much better than last time but ofcourse because of the previous experience I am worried about the magnesium citrate. I don't expect it to taste good but I am allowed to mix it with crystal light, which I will definitely be doing. I am getting the lemon flavored one since the others are colored. I have heard different things about how it tastes. supposedly it tastes like salty sprite, or bad elka seltzer (sp?). I think I could deal and if I can mix it, then it's cool. But every time I think of the suprep flavor, nasty chemical grape flavor, I gag. I hate grape any way, so I'm hoping that this won't be so bad, and it is less to drink. I don't care if I have to dilute it with crystal light and drink a ton, I just don't want to gag anymore. Has anyone had this prep?