View Full Version : rice/rice flour troubles?

07-26-2012, 06:41 PM
hi all

it's been a while since i've been here, because after i stopped eating grains, i stopped having ibs-d trouble. it was so wonderful. i'd only have the odd, inexplicable flare-up, and for the most part had the best digestion i've had in decades. even my adult acne cleared up.

but i missed eating certain things, so i started eating some gluten-free cookies. i know grains - especially wheat - are big trouble for me, so i'm staying away from gluten products, so i figured if i tried these cookies which are for gluten-free folks (they have rice flour) then i'd be ok. right? well...

my body is not liking these cookies at all. my gut gets all rumbly and gassy and bloated, and my bowel movements are all messed up like they used to be when my ibs-d was in full swing. my face broke out. clearly, i cannot eat these cookies, i know that, but what i don't understand is WHY? rice isn't even a grain! i recall having rice pudding some time ago, and that gave me trouble too, but i thought it was a fluke. now i think i cannot digest rice either.

anyone have any theories? anyone with ibs have trouble eating gluten-free products and/or rice?

any feedback is appreciated.