View Full Version : Fibromyalgia treatment cured my IBS

08-02-2012, 11:34 AM
For 20 years I suffered with the wet form of IBS which got a lot worse after my galbladder was removed. I had sudden, and severe diarhea with severe cramping after anything I ate. Sometimes 10 times in a few hour period. I was in outside sales on commission and raising my 2 children alone after my divorce, so stress didn't help the IBS at all. Questran didn't help at all after they removed my galbladder, neither did antispasmodics. Then at around 54 years old (I'm now 61) I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, also sleep apnea, but couldn't adjust to using a CPAP machine at night. The fibromyalgia pain was treated by my doctor with narcotic pain medicines, which for 7 years worked well and helped me function at almost a normal quality of life, but the interesting thing was...no more IBS cramping or runs, even when I'm stressed out. Unfortunately, chronic fatigue a few months ago hit me really hard, along with slightly low thyroid. The thyroid meds haven't helped my fatigue, which is so bad I can only function for 2 hours a day, the rest of the day is horizontal. No return of the IBS though..which runs in my family quite strongly as do sleep disorders...apnea, and sleep walking, and when tested, found I never go into deep REM sleep at all, and woke up briefly over a hundred times a night, even with sleeping pills. 2 other members of my family have IBS.

08-02-2012, 11:51 AM
It's true, narcotics slow down the bowels and, in severe cases, are a pretty good way to stop diarrhea. Sounds like you were lucky and the effect persisted even after quitting! Excellent!

10-03-2013, 05:02 AM
I have had Fibro for 27 years, mostly it was just muscle and stiffness, but as age added Osteo A and Osteo P pain got worse. I'm in constant 7-9 pain level. I've had all the conservative treatments, all have failed because of side effects. This includes the nerve blocks, PT, and lore tabs with promitizine to stop the puking. The Lore tabs started stopping my bowels from working, not even stool softeners helped, had to OD on Ducolax just to move my bowels once a week. Got off them. Then The other shoes started dropping, Meneires, PT popped the compression fracture in my lumbar, and nerve blocks don't work nor do pain pills. Ab pain from a fall continues for a year, my Gastro is one of the best in Memphis. And said the IBS issues I am having are part of the Fibromyalgia junk. I had a upper GI yesterday as the Nexium I take for the acid reflux that started with the first estrogen patch has caused Barrets Esopgus which can turn into cancer. No way to get off it or lower the 80mg per day dose. Food has little effect, it is all those HORRIBLE medicines that say GI side effects that has caused the GERD. You name it I can't take it with out it either causing extreme over riding the Nexium reflux, or IBS, usually shuts the bowel completely down in 3-4 days, and it is very painful all the time.

READ THE SIDE EFFECTS BEFORE YOU TAKE OR ACCEPT ANY NEW DRUG, be prepared for strange things that happen to your body when you get a new medicine. Oh, and get Damaged Care from Netflix or ****** if you want to see about the death panels the HMO's used and will be used under this new NO Affordable Health Care.