View Full Version : ive lost 9lbs i dont know why

08-12-2012, 06:57 PM
OK I left where I live to go visit home we drove across country... before we left I was eating healthy and exercising doing insanity workout... I went from 191lbs to 181... then we drove across country... I got to my home town at 178lbs... which I could understand as I wasn't eating too too much on the 5200km drive... then we were visiting and we eat healthy... a bit of junk... then we drove back and eat very well the last 2 days of our drive... we got home I had gone up to 186lbs... well the next morning I started work and I eat the same as before I left for vacation but within 5 days I was down to 177lbs... I was also really stressing myself out about something that happened, could the stress along with the shift work make me loose 9 lbs in 5 days?

08-12-2012, 07:28 PM
Some of that weight loss could be water weight, but if it continues, please get a blood sugar check for diabetes.

08-12-2012, 07:39 PM
I was just worried cause I stressed about maybe I could've contracted HIV 1week ago but ur healthboard said that the precum that might've touched the 1 hour fresh cut on my finger would more then likely not be a way to contract it as precinct if the person was infected poses a low risk to begin with as the HIV would die when it hits air... but I was really stressing... however I have not been below 179 in a year and I thought with the food I was eating and no exercise at the moment that I would either stay where I was or maybe loose a pound but not that much... our hometown is also very humid and where I live is very dry so that could have a bit to do with it too?oh and since I got back I've been using the washroom 2-3 times a day which is normal but when I was away I didn't go more then once a day or once every 2nd day... I was gone 19 days