View Full Version : Can this be Triggering my Panic Attacks?

Name GoesHere
08-12-2012, 09:07 PM
The past 4 weeks I have been suffering from frequent panic attacks MAINLY during the time of 9pm-2am basically when I am about to go to sleep or am going to sleep.

I usually have a fan that really really relaxes me, I have been home alone for the past 4 weeks or so due to my parents have been out camping, So I just crash on the couch and watch TV to sleep.

But I can't help to think that perhaps I have become dependent on the feeling and sound of a cool breeze on my face while I lay down to rest.

Every time I close my eyes I have the quick jolt of panic that forces me to open my eyes.

It happens over and over again until I eventually pass out naturally.

I will probably use my fan tonight to see if there is a different because the Attacks are becoming more frequent and much worse.

I had no issue with it until I started sleeping without it.

(I have been using a fan to sleep for near 3 years now)

Name GoesHere
08-13-2012, 08:37 PM
So, I used my fan to sleep last night and as soon as I turned it on I felt the satisfying relaxing relief and quickly fell asleep.

I then woke up with no problems, but I still have a small amount of Paranoia about dying.

It is mainly due to the fact that during the day I take like 1 minute naps every now and again, and every time I do, I have a quick dream and I ask myself in my dream "What am I doing here again? I can't remember..." I try to think but suddenly my head just feels like it is about to explode! I collapse in my dream and like a person being revived after being claimed dead.

I hear myself doing a "Deep Inhale" and seeing a Bright light.
Then I wake up, and go into a Panic because of the dream.

It's now 1am and I have no had a random panic attack as I have been having for the past 2 weeks. Though this Paranoia is getting to me.

08-14-2012, 12:12 PM
The fan is a bit of a distraction....it's also a white noise that can help soothe the brain and help keep out other noises which can be easy to focus on.

There's many of us who think about death and fear it, but your obssession is overtaking you.

You sound to be depressed as well.

What do you do before the time when you're laying on the couch trying to fall asleep?

I would suggest you see a counsellor or therapist and sort out why you're thinking that particular way. Hopefully, he/she will have you to start thinking in a cognitive way and help you intervene during those obssessive thoughts. The process is called cognitive behavioural therapy.

One thing about falling asleep with a fan pointed directly on your body/face, you will dehydrate even though you're not sweating. Maybe have the fan pointed in a direction where you feel some of the air but not a full amount.

It's unfortunate that those of us who struggle with our thoughts have to be constantly aware in a somewhat destructive way. But you do have to start the process of realising that you can make changes to feeling better.

I'm a night owl and struggle to fall asleep in bed. It's much easier for me to go comatose in front of the TV. Many times I wake up and look at the time forgetting whether it's day or night, etc. Sometimes my dreams are so weird that I end up having a fretful period of time where I have to wait until those feelings pass before I can start to function again.
In a way it's "cool" for experience sharing, but it's depressing because I function in a chaotic schedule. It doesn't help that my husband works nights sometimes....but in truth, I've always been like this. I just KNOW now that the effort to function is that much more I have to expend.

Please try not to focus only on one aspect or to believe that everything you're doing is out of the ordinary for some of us. You just don't understand what's happening...once you do, you'll be OK.

Been there and still doing it!

08-14-2012, 06:39 PM
Greetings Name Goes here! :) Some other causes of panic attacks include dust allergies, dust mites, Bartonella infections and sleep apnea. A sleep specialist could be seen or an allergist or an infection specialist if desired. As a side note some obsessive compulsive disorders are also thought to be caused by streptococcus germs. Peace, sjb :)

08-15-2012, 03:37 AM
I thought I was the only one who needed a fan to sleep!

In Summer (and late Spring / early Autumn), the ceiling fan is on all night, every night. If it isn't on (like if it's a slightly cooler night and my partner thus complains she's cold), I feel stuffy and tense.

I love the "white noise" in terms of blocking out the random little taps and thuds from the neigbours in our apartment block. I love the feeling, not so much of coolness, but of moving air...a breeze. It makes it feel easier to breathe freely.

It always takes me a few days to get used to not having the fan on when it begins to get cooler moving towards Winter. I have no "excuse" to keep having it on all night and even I have to admit I end up frozen by morning when I insist on having it on so I can sleep better.