View Full Version : polio, hip replacement, nerve damage

08-13-2012, 03:29 AM
hi,i am wondering if anybody out there with polio,who has had a hip replacement done on their polio side,and how there recovery went,successful or un-successful?? I know we're not good candidates for hip replacements,but surely there have been some who had to have it done??

I had to have a hip replacement on my good side last year in August. I find out in Feb. this year,the reason for my struggle in therapy: i had nerve damage,lost my Obturator nerve and was confirmed thru an EMG. You need that nerve to be able to walk straight and to bring your knees together,I have no inner thigh control. This was on my "good side",so now instead of one weak leg,i now have 2 weak legs. I cant stop myself from falling. I also need a hip replacement done on my other hip,which is my "polio side",and i am petrified to do this now because of what happened in my other hip replacement. Need it done now,but cant do it this year,cuz of my good side being so weak still. My only option is to get it done,or live in pain. Looking for any advice that would helpful for me. Thank you, Cheryl