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08-15-2012, 11:17 AM
Hi all...I haven't been posting on this board in a while, but I'm back for more advice.

I have had "stomach issues" as I call it, all my life. Had my first colonscopy in my 20s, said I had colitis, gave me pills and citrucel. That helped a bit, then went back to normal. Years passed and I've managed to get by with just dealing with the ups and downs of having to run to the bathroom at a moment's notice.

Last January, I had another colonoscopy. Everything checked out fine, save for a hemmorroid which of course, comes from the frequent and/or straining BMs. The doc claimed that the absence of any other issues, is how they diagnose the presence of IBS, since it's sort of a blanket term for various symptoms. For years too I was told the only way to treat my issue is to determine what foods irritate me, and then not to have them. I've tried keeping a food diary, but I can eat something once and be fine, have it another day and have issues. So how do you determine exactly WHAT is affecting you? It could be the ingredient in the food, not the food itself.

I also was told to take Citrucel again. I have done this on and off, mostly daily and I do notice that it bulks up the stool. That's great, except I still go multiple times a day. And the urge comes out of nowhere, starts off with a twinge and then gets to the point that I have to go right away. The stools are not at all loose in this case, they seem nice and "bulked up", for lack of a better term. It's just the urgency that gets to me, because what if I'm unable to get to a bathroom when the moment hits?

So, I'm wondering if Citrucel is the problem. Should I try a different fiber for a few days? I am always hesitant to try ANYTHING when it comes to this because it's so damn unpredictable and I never know what to expect. IBS is truly a horrible condition to have, because it's so vast and those who don't have it think it's just in your head, or whatever. Very frustrating.

08-15-2012, 12:24 PM
In general, fruit-based sources of fiber are most likely to speed up your bowels too much, while whole grains are the gentlest kind of fiber.

Perhaps you should try a different brand of fiber. Perhaps Citrucel is right for you, and you just need a lower dose.