View Full Version : Sick since Easter

08-19-2012, 09:46 PM
I first got sick with a bad cold which turned into bad case of strep throat around Easter. I went to a clinic and the Dr. took a swab for strep & prescribed omoxycilin. 5 days later I went back to the clinic because I had a reaction to the drug. My joints in my hands & feet were really sore. The results were back from the swab test & he told me I was negative for strep. About a week later when I was better fom my cold I started to get red marks on the trunk of my body as well as my upper legs & arms. I went back to another clinic since the doctors were idiots from the first clinic I went to, and the doctor I saw asked a few questions and told me Yes, you had strep and marks I had were guttate psoriasis caused by the strep virus. 3 weeks later I developed sinus cold which lasted for 3 weeks, then I developed bronchitis. I was put on a strong antibiotic as well 2 inhalers for 10 days. I was probably healthy for less than 2 weeks when I came down with another bad sinus cold, cough & laryngitis. 2 days ago I went to a clinic. The doctor took another swab (which did turn up negative). Put me on antibiotics for sinusitis/bronchitis.

Why am I continually getting sick???

How do I boost my immune system?