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08-19-2012, 03:49 PM
It was a blessing to find this site for I am aware that someone elseís experience can give me wisdom on handling my 19 year old drug addict son. He is presently in the process of being kicked out of the military (after serving only a few months) for making unhealthy choices that were attributed to spice in which he is addicted. Believe it or not, it can be found in your local store. I am aware upon him being released; he will need a place to live. Now my way of thinking is this Ė either he stops using, enrolls in a rehab program or consider finding somewhere else to live. I have another son at home that I donít want to be possibly influenced by my eldest sonís behavior. In addition, I want to protect the sanity of my wife and I. My question is Ė am I being too tough or are these healthy boundaries?

08-19-2012, 04:32 PM
Very good plan. Also some rehab programs offer help to the parents about how to maintain boundaries and sanity through this difficult time. Best Wishes.

08-19-2012, 06:47 PM
This thread continues on...so I'm back as well. I continue to work with our local community organization to provide drug & alcohol awareness and education to our young people and community at large. Why? Because this war on drugs is sadly an epidemic. What goes on in large cities goes on here in my small town. Drugs are everywhere, and this is important...addiction doesn't discriminate.

Our small grass roots organization formed because in a very short period of time we lost 5 young adults to drug addiction. We have many more addicted and struggling. It was time for everyone to step it up, discuss out in the open what is going on with drugs in our community and pledge to find ways to help. Everyone of these young people came from good, caring, attentive families. Propensity for addiction is more prevalent than most would think. So our young people are playing with fire when they experiment with and use drugs and alcohol.

In a very short one year's timeframe, we've assisted dozens of families to get their sons/daughters to detox and rehab. We sponsor program meetings for them and provide support in many creative ways. We continue to seek out other ways in which to provide support they need to assist them on their recovery path. It is possible for young people to be in recovery. Are there challenges...you bet....too many in fact. But it's possible. As a community we are committed to doing what we can to address the epidemic of drugs and the seriousness of the disease of addiction.

Many of our young addicts in recovery are instrumental in assisting us with our drug and alcohol awareness and prevention program that we delivered to over 750 high school students this past school year. The students listen up when someone who sat in their seats a few years ago addresses them and says, "Allow me to tell you my story......." For this coming school year we have the go ahead to develop a program for the middle school students. We have been invited to present parent education sessions during the time that parents come to school for parent/teacher conferences. We are fortunate that our school district superintendent understands fully the complexity of the drug epidemic and is proactive in working on the problems.

There are many other things our small group have been involved in and are working on to help the cause, but my point is just this. In spite of an epidemic, a small concerned group can and will make a difference in lives of young people and families. Is every story successful? Sadly, NO. But we can't let that discourage us because saving even one life is worth the effort because that is one human being. Most everyone would agree that every person's life is valuable.

My best wishes go out to all the families that are suffering because of the disease of addiction and all it's complications and consequences. I would continue to encourage you to get support to assist yourselves and your loved ones. Don't give up. Help is out there.

08-19-2012, 07:51 PM
Very good plan. Also some rehab programs offer help to the parents about how to maintain boundaries and sanity through this difficult time. Best Wishes.

manyamile thanks for your encouraging words and advice.