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08-29-2012, 06:08 PM
Hi everyone I'm a 20 year old female. I just had to get bloodwork for college and everything came back good except for high calcium levels, although I had normal vitamin d. I eat a high-protein low carb diet, no processed foods, and don't eat dairy other than some milk and greek yogurt everyday. However, I do eat a lot of leafy greens and broccoli, and drink coconut water daily. My doctor says these contain calcium as well. I take a mulitvitamin every day, as well as fish oil, biotin, and a calcium chew 2 times a day. (I didn't know that I had high calcium levels while taking these) My doctor said to take this only once a day and not twice. Could my diet and supplements be the cause of the high calcium? I've never had it before, but then again haven't taken the calcium chews since recently. Also, all my vitals and other bloodwork came back good so should I be concerned?

08-29-2012, 08:02 PM
It depends on how high your calcium is. High calcium can indicate a high parathyroid hormone level, which can result in osteoporosis and kidney stones. If you can post your actual level, it would be easier to comment on. Taking calcium supllements usually doesn't cause high calcium levels in blood, as you would just eliminate the excess through the urine. If your parathyroid hormone is high (this can be measured on a blood test), your hormone is causing calcium to move from the bones to the blood. If your level is just borderline, it may be wise to just get it rechecked after reducing your supplement, to see if it returns to normal.

08-29-2012, 10:20 PM
my dr. called with all my bloodwork results and said it was not very high past normal, he didn't mention anything really other than taking the calcium supplements only once a day instead of twice. he didn't give me a level or anything. however, i have the gene for PKD (polycystic kidney disease) since my dad has it. it hasn't come up yet, and my blood pressure is normal and my urine was normal. this all confuses me. i DO take an abundance of vitamins and supplements though, some not even necessary. could this be bad?

08-30-2012, 08:02 AM
Well, vitamin D enhances calcium absorption and you could be getting an excess of that. I would check what dose you are taking and not exceed 1000u per day. PKD, if you had it which it sounds like you do not, would cause a low calcium, if anything. You can ask your Dr's office to send your lab results to you.

08-30-2012, 10:05 AM
just wanted to add something to this as i do have PKD and also have those dang cysts in my liver too. when it comes to actual labs being done FOR this, you will NOT generally even see any real changes in those until your actual kidneys functions start to become impaired/impacted BY the cysts themselves and just where they tend to locate themselves. it usually takes a person almost well into thier end of third thru even the fifth decade of life before the impairments realistically start occuring in 'most' cases. i am saying 'most' only because from all of the many people i have chatted with on various sites and with our own families experiences thru each individual "family unit", appear to kind of play out in a very indidual way TO that family as well(my only sibling also has this in her kidneys AND liver too). it is just one really insane type of kidney disease to inherit/have, trust me.

i did not even know i had this, was actually even born with this til my youngest son(then 12, and with me, like around age 39?) he started showing really scarey signs of liver failure. this can simply occur in any children who have the PKD gene that mutates itself into what is called 'congenital hepatic fibrosis". thankfully that does not occur that often, but when it does, it will "usually' show itself pretty early on, like around age 10-13.
but 39 is when i found out ONLY thru the use of ultrasound, NOT my actual kidney and liver labs, nor ANY actual kidney problem type "symptoms". i did however many years before this show signs of protien in my urine which IS usually an early onset indicator of just even having any real type of kidney disease. but it was for a work exam and no one ever told me what having protien in ones urine actually "meant". god i was soo angry once i found THAT out years later.. our sons GI doc, after Dxing our son as having PKD asked my hubby and i which one of us had PKD and neither of us knew what in the heck she was even talking about. i had never heard of this before despite it coming from my moms side. unfortuently she kinda lost touch with that part of the family long ago til after my son got sick and my mom called her aunt, THATS when we found out that many of my moms cousins either had had transplants or were at the point where they needed them(her aunt had already had two previous transplants). and no one in that individual family unit had ANY liver involvemt at all, just strictly kidney. that is why i mentioned that this does play out in even just you and your family unit too. it may not even be the very same as your fathers, but if any siblings have this, it will more than likely follow that very same type of individual course that yous is too.

while during that one US we had to initially have to determine who had this, i simply was loaded with cysts but the globs had not impacted my kidneys( and that liver sure was a suprise as wel, but all labs norm too) enough yet to generate actual changes in ANY labs/organ functions at that point. i am not 51 and as of three years ago, i finally started having changes in my labs that are STILL not yet out of the norm ranges, just getting closer to being out of range.. this just IS what most labs are done for, to show loss of function of certain functions of any given organ, esp in this case.

the very BEST way to really 'see' if you have the beginnings of actual PKD(meaning signs of actual polycystic looking cysts), it takes just an ultrasound, which considering you just DO have this running in your family at all, should be an actual FULL abdominal US and NOT 'only' a renal or what would be just the kidneys alone. this is only because those lil cystic suckers can pop into other organs besides 'just" the kidneys. you WANT the whole abdominal done.

ultrasound is usually in most cases the 'gold standard' in finding/diagnosing the more "glob type of cystic formations that are simply different than like a totally seperate cyst would be. you should obtain one now as what is called your 'baseline" and then follow up in like five years or so, unless your doc wants to do something else earlier. they 'used to say' that if you showed no polycysts by age 16, then you did not actually have it,then it went to age 22,then finally it arrived at what i last heard is age 30.
but i would do what the other poster mentioned and get that all checked out too most definitely. just becasue anyone 'has" something like any disease process, does NOT always mean thqt every single thing that you may have wrong is all related. this could be something more, or it could be that you DID take in more calcium than you should for your age and wieght too. you wont know anything til things really just get tested.

with the beginnings or even having PKD, you would show some cysts in the kidneys and by now more than likely show signs of protien in your urine too, but don't quote me on that and ask your doc about PKD and when exactly that protien would start to show itself in your urine if you did indeed have it. family docs DO know this pretty basic stuff. hopefully you may have that gene but the actual disease wont ever show itself, which IS possible. **

09-01-2012, 12:01 PM
You say you take a lot of supplements so maybe one more wont hurt. The vitamin K2 puts calcium where it's needed, in the bones, so it's not floating around in our bloodstreams wreaking havok. You might try that.