View Full Version : Loose stools questions

09-12-2012, 11:17 AM
Hey all,

In June I started having acid reflux problems (chest pain, burping, nausea). My dr put me on prilosec and then nexium. Both of those relieved all of my symptoms, except the nausea. So, I go to a chiropractor and he (seriously) helped me with my nausea. It was amazing. So I haven't had any nausea since.

OK, so last month I had a bad case of diarrhea, it lasted 24 hours and went away. I'm pretty sure it was a stomach bug because my wife had it before me.

Then, last Thursday, I had another bad case. Once again it was 24 hours and then went away.

All is good until last night. Last night I had loose stools (not diarrhea, just loose) and that has continued through today (twice today, just once last night).

My question is should i be worried? Several weeks ago I set up an appointment to see a gastroenterologist, but I can't get in until Oct. 12. Does this sound like something serious or could it be IBS. I haven't had any urgency today, not sure if that matters or not. Do I need to call my dr back? Or can it wait until the 12th next month?

Thanks for your help. I should add that I'm usually pretty healthy. I'm 6'3 185 pounds. I run two to three times a week. I only eat out once, maybe twice a week. I've been eating pretty plain (high fiber cereal for breakfest, sandwich for lunch.)