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09-14-2012, 04:48 AM
This is going to sound really weird but i feel like my brain is half asleep ALL THE TIME. i used to be really smart, like book smart. I've always been a little bit "blonde" and say silly things but this didn't matter because my friends all know that I'm intellgent. However, the last while I feel exceptionally "stupid". I say the stupidest things withou even realising and my memory is worse than that of a goldfish!
I was in a car crash this time last year and i suffered quite severe head trauma. I didn't do any damage to my brain, the scans were all clear but my head was extremely swollen and stayed swollen for about 6 months. One side was worse than the other and the nerves had to re-knit so there was a constant tingling sensation (this has stopped in the last month) but it is still slightly puffy .
Anyways this car crash completely wiped my memory of the weeks before it and my short term memory completely disappeared! I had to resort to writing a diary of what i did every day and what I had to do the next day because I wouldnt have a clue.! this was very frustrating but my memory gradually improved. I thought i was nearly back to normal but lately I feel exactly like I did the first few months after the crash....
This is hard to describe but I just don't feel smart anymore, i cant remember anything I learned in the last 3 years of college. if somebody asked me a question I wouldnt have a clue even though I'm graduating this year!!!!!
Does anybody know if it is possible I could have damaged my brain in the crash and the doctors didn't see this on the scan? or does anybody know how to help me improve my memory and feel normal again? I am also finding it very hard to concentrate on things, which was never an issue with me before! I can't even imagine trying to study!! My brain just honestly feels like half of it is asleep and im going around in a daze half of the time...does anybody know why? thanks for your help! (and im not crazy :P)
I think I need to try and stimulate my brain in some way? and I dont do drugs