View Full Version : sore chest!

09-22-2012, 01:12 PM
Hi, for a few years now ive been getting really weird pains in my chest, it can be on either side. At first i would get them as often as three times a day and its very painful. Now i get them once every few days. it feels almost like a sharp stabbing pain. I have gone to my GP about this and he just suggested it's because i'm tall and skinny. He said to just stretch my chest muscels every day and maintain a good posture. But it is still continue to be a burden through out my day. Somedays it can hurt so bad that i feel i can't breathe properly, other days i'm just used to the pain and go on not worrying. I just want to be sure it isn't something serious that i have been covering up the last three days!! Anyone have any idea what the reason for these pains could be?