View Full Version : laminectomy - recovery time?

09-23-2012, 05:50 PM

Can anyone advise ow long a time should I expect until I am able to live independently, make my own meals, feed the cat, etc. after a laminectomy? I know everyone is different, but trying to plan is so stressful when there are no answers..

Also any one have experience hiring short term non-nursing help for a few hours a day, twice a week? Any advice about how to find trustworthy help would be appreciated.

My surgery is in ten days, I plan to stay with my cousin http://www.healthboards.com/boards/images/smilies/angel.gif and her husband the first two weeks, and my elderly mother will stop by and feed and care for my cats. I don't want to be a burden to my family members any longer than I have to be and will be anxious to get home..

Thank you so much for any advice you may offer. It is pretty nerve-racking, wondering how, if any way to prepare further.

09-23-2012, 08:20 PM
I would say the 2 weeks you have planned is good, and I would make some tentative plans for the next two weeks to have some help at home. Keep in mind you cannot drive until you are off pain meds (narcotic type), and you will be limited with bending, lifting, etc for several weeks, plus fatigued and moving slowly. I have hired ladies in my community by putting an ad in the community newspaper and interviewing by phone, then in person, asking for references etc. Someone that wants to earn a little extra holiday money and lives close would be ideal. You can also check with the local churches, as churchgoers are usually honest and have good intent. A high school junior or senior might be available for a couple of hours after school to fix dinner or go to the store. That can work well if they have some domestic skills, which you find out when interviewing. Try to do this before surgery, as it will be too much after surgery. Good luck-hope it goes very well with a quick recovery.