View Full Version : anyone with IBS check this out!!

10-08-2012, 02:24 PM
Hi,I suffered with IBS for 2 yrs till I was scoped and the DR said I needed emerg surgery to remove 6-8 feet of my lower intestine!! Shocked that I would have to wear a bag I called my sister in Halifax who is a nurse on the Liver Transplant team. She said a fellow nurse went through the same thing and was on the same steroid meds and 12 little red pills a day to help her which did nothing for her or me.
She sent me to the local health store to try a thing called Colliadal Silver,Colliadal means suspended in liquid,and it is the mineral Silver in 5-6 ppm or parts per million. I know I am not spelling Colliadal right but it is very close".
Anyways,I bought a 250 ml bottle which looked like water and I thought I was ripped off. Then I tried it ,taking 3 table spoons a day and within a week,no more predisone or the 12 red pills ,I threw away all my meds and could eat anything again and was so <angry> at my doc for not telling me about it.
You see, in the days of old,when there were Kings and Queens,they hauled their water around in Silver lined barrels. They did not know why it made their people better but it cured so many things,the water being in contact with the silver. You see,Bacteria,Parasites and other blockages caused by these things cannot stand to be around the silver and when consumed,all the crap moves the other way and like i said,it worked for me,I side stepped the surgery and can eat anything again.I took it for three months and then every once in a while I will but a bottle just to keep me clean.It truly works and did for me so what do you have to lose. Do not buy the cheap stuff cause you get what you pay for,and look for 5-6 ppm or parts per million and take 3 table spoons a day before meals. After my second scope by a new specialist,he said he found it hard to believe that any Dr would tell me he was actually going to do that surgery on me.

Cujoboy over and out.