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11-01-2012, 02:27 AM
I recently developed post infectious IBS after a 3 week bacterial diarrhea. Now I am experiencing mild to medium IBS symptoms: off and on loose stools, I cannot eat almost anything or my gut acts up, blotted, gas, discomfort, etc etc etc.
Well I live in Singapore, and this condition has caused me so much anxiety that I am investing hours and hours a day doing research.

I ran into this IBS clinic. They claim to have a herbal remedy that eradicates IBS from 70 to 100%. It is all herbs and roots and Ayurvedic medicine with no side effects or allergies. And nothing chemical nor "plastic".

They have replied to all my emails within 1 hour and 24 hours ways to give free consultation or email consultation.

Anyway, I did a research of the 30+ components of their natural powder, and all the herbs are mostly Himalayan or Asian. They all claim to have anti cancer, anti stress, anti spasm, anti irritation, anti inflammatory, digestive, enzymes and more properties.

The remedy costs 150US for 2 months, including shipping. Before they gave me all the info, they sent me a long questioner with all my details so that they can assess the case, based on symptoms and bowel movements, type of stool, and many other questions etc. Because they custom make the remedy according to your own case. i.e. you dont want to attack constipation if your case is D or the other way around.

What makes me think this is totally legit is, the quality of their website, that I have friends that told me that the place where they are located is very good, and mostly... they attached to their email a spreadsheet with over 100 cases of different IBS patients -totally different demographics- and from many countries including USA and Australia (most of them in India) with email addresses and phone numbers in case I needed to call. All these cases are of people that claim to be cured from 70 to 100% and from mild to complicated cases of IBS and colitis etc.

Also, they gave me a list of few people under treatment that are getting better with their email addresses.

So, this is a natural remedy, relatively cheap and that to me looks promising. I have nothing to lose though.

If anyone has heard of them please let me/us know so that we hear. By googling it I could not find much but I did find a bit of a few of the drs. that work there and all seems legit too.

I think that if it were a scam they would not be cheap, and also, they would be very agressive and they are not pushy at all.

The clinic is called Kamakshi Herbal Clinic and they have 3 clinics, 2 in Mumbai.

Please check it out, let me know your thoughts. I will try it and will be posting my comments here as I progress. My case is mild but, I just hope this gives hope to many of us out there.