View Full Version : Do you guys think I have IBS? please help

11-13-2012, 12:58 AM
Hi Guys, I posted in Bowel Disorders but maybe I should have posted here. Anyway Here is my post: http://www.healthboards.com/boards/bowel-disorders/927272-not-sure-what-wrong-me-issues-couple-months-ago-have-returned.html

I would appreciate if someone clued up on IBS could have a look.

I am also unclear about what diarrhoea means in relation to IBS. Is this a pure watery movement? That movement felt like I was going diarrhoea but ended up looking more soft stool.

Also, I am unsure how I was so normal for over 1 month, then this strange bowel activity returns. Is it because I have IBS and was in remission and then a month later it flared up?

At this point right now (4 days into bad movements) I am not in pain. Today I went about 6 times up to 3pm and have had no urge to go again.

Do some folks here have completely normal movements and life and then out of the blue having bad movements for days?

I guess if things are not better in a couple more days I will see my GP again. My heart really sank when it came back. Things were going so good. My wife put up with me having bad stomach for months, then it all returned to normal and I got my life back. Now I have that sinking feeling. Just no idea what is wrong with me. It's bringing me down and the people around me deserve better :/

Thanks for any support.

11-13-2012, 03:01 PM
Today update, (day5 since bad episode and off stools began). I have been maintaining a very bland diet, plenty of liquids. Past 2 days am now also having 1 cup of milk kefir spaced out 3x a day, having 2 yakults a day with meals, 3 teaspoons of blackstrap molasses in warm cup of water 3x a day, also some metamucil 2x a day. This morning just slight urgency to go on waking up. I went toilet and had 2 floaters 1 about 4in and other 3in, mix of yellow and brown in stool. Past several days no brown just yellowish. 10mins later urgency to go again, had about 5 floaters 3in in size more brown this time than last time, several sank after a couple mins. No urgency for 2hrs then had urge to go. 3rd movement of the day probably best I have had in 5 days, some signs of solidness to stool, tones a good brown, yellow seems only 10% at this point. Last movement felt like I really emptied my system well. 10mins later feeling ok and no urgency at all. My lower belly feels uneasy but I think that might be anxiety from the last few days. So it seems I might be improving. I am hopeful tomorrow shows signs of normal movements. So, my question is could this be typical of IBS? Having an off stomach for about a week then back to normal for a while? I am interested if people experience IBS symptoms intermittently such as being fine for a month or so then a week of stomach issues.

I also am wondering if I might have a legume intolerance. This flare up seems to have coincided with eating food made with chickpea flour and canned chickpeas. The day before all this drama I did have a sandwich at a cafe which had Camembert cheese so I thought maybe it was off but I thought I would have experienced vomiting if that were the case.

I really can't think of much worse than having bowel issues. So many variables and unknowns. It makes you realise just how little we know about the human biology or biome. Most doctors don't have much confidence in diagnosing such issues. They seem intent on "what pill do we find for you". So that leaves the internet and the more you google the deeper into the rabbit hole you fall. It can be pretty depressing.