View Full Version : How can I eat low card AND IBS diet? HELP!

11-14-2012, 09:27 PM
I was diagnosed with IBS today. My symptoms aren't as awful as many of you but I've had them for months. It's more discomfort than pain most of the time, (sometimes worse than others) and since starting probiotics the diarrhea seems to have abated.

Anyway - here;'s why I'm super depressed. At first when I heard IBS I just felt relief after months of worry that it wasn't worse...but now as I look at the food list my Dr. gave me I see there is just NOTHING I can eat.

Here's the problem, for a long time I was feeling low energy and gaining weight like crazy even on 1200 calories a day. Two years ago, after more than a year of searching for answers I found a nutritionist who figured out I have a super high sensitivity to carbs. So I had to cut out almost all carbs, and pretty much all I was eating was protein and veggies. And I felt So much better and lost 24 lbs. So clearly, carbs don't agree with me at all, I feel sluggish and bloaty when I eat them and gain weight if I so much as look at them. I can't have pasta, bread, starch of any kind, grains, or sugar. I can only have 1 piece of fruit a day but have to eat it with protein; nuts, yogurt or cheese. What I was eating was pretty much every IBS trigger.

Now I'm told with IBS I am supposed to eat tons of carbs and I can't even eat whole wheat. (and it has to be WHITE bread fergodsake. I hate white bread.) And no salads and no green veggies and no dairy, no oil. Combining these two diets, WHAT is left? I honestly can't even figure out what to eat right now. It feels like I have to choose between feeling tired and getting fat or having gas, diarrhea and a stomach ache all the time. Can anyone help?