View Full Version : Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

11-21-2012, 05:40 PM
I have gone through the exact same situation.
Problem suddenly appeared after my roommate girl friend thought I was trying to steel her girlfriend so she poisoned the milk. I really didn't think about someone doing that but she didn't like men and I'm not talking about the nice kind of lesbian. It was two weeks of shittting blood and urinating it as well. I was on my way to the gym like every body builder at 22 trying to improve on my health and looks, and I was having coffee that morning,,,,,,,,,,,, but my roommate is lactose intolerant. As I used milk in my coffee I went off to the gym and when I arrived I needed to pee and when I looked down It,,,,,,,,,,,, was darker than when I drank the coffee,,,,,LOL I laugh at it a little but I didn't know it was blood. When I arrived back home I didn't want to eat and I was still ******* blood, that was day one. Day two I tried the same routine but when I poured the milk in the coffee I noticed that it looked like cottage cheese and the the milk was not expired. OK may be its E.R. time yep here I am Doc ! Watts the problem ! ? Well, you may have not ever had seen this one be for but Doc I pee coffee,. Results say its blood it may be an infection and I will give you antibiotics, and if the bleeding does not stop in seven days come back. I did 9 days later with the same problem, I was loosing blood and after testing it was not ulcerous and I was pushed down the road,,,,,,,after the bleeding stopped because I was in pain and most places dont want to treat you for pain. They knew I didn't have an ulcer or hemorrhoids. I lost my job my apt and was homeless in Sacramento that winter and have been treated like **** sense because of pain issues.
Rather than treat me for pain I was given two choices get a colostomy or three feet of my colon removed. There is a reason why I stay away from gay women, and I had more respect for them than I did for my self. Time has changed now and Im 43 and in grate pain to tis day and most everyday. Burning diarrhea bloating cant eat black stools cramping , and even passing out on pain, but when I wake up from passing out from the pain I am so high for about 15 min.