View Full Version : Colonscopy Prep While Experiencing IBS-Like Flare Plus Hyperactive Bowel Sounds

11-24-2012, 10:24 AM

I am a 23 year old female who has been struggling with IBS-like symptoms since I was a teen. Recently I've been experiencing an extreme amount of trapped gas in my system causing discomfort with bloating and pain throughough my body as far as my neck and shoulders. I also experience brain fog when it's at it's peak. It is always worse when I have an empty stomach, and then right after I eat. Over this past week leading to my colonoscopy prep (tomorrow), I have had boats for terrible constipation/bloating followed by loose stools, diahhrea and cramping. The trapped gas has become excessive over the past few days and has limited my functioning. I am on 40 MG of omneprazole but it stopped working a few weeks ago (at the month mark). I'm particularly concerned because as of last week I started to experience very loud bowel sounds, it's like water going through a tunnel. This happens when I haven't eaten enough and calms down once something of substance hits my system. I had a lap surgery in March for suspected endometriosis. I am also currently beginning my period.

The colonscopy prep starts tomorrow at 4PM and I am using MoviPrep. I am very nervous considering that I've read terrible bowel sounds like this could mean a ruptured intenstine or colon (especially when associated with extreme gas). Is it safe to continue with the procedure? My doctor does not seem too concerned. I know I need this to get some answers.

Also does anyone have any advice how to stop the gas trap during the fasting? Usually eating is the only that gets the gas to calm down and it's all liquids from 7:30AM tomorrow.

I am a very anxious person typically. The trapped gas flared badly again after 1 month on omenprazole and when I was experiencing terrible stress from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (had a decent hit on our home and emotions). Could an IBS flare be this bad?

Thanks! And love to all.