View Full Version : Non-stop shortness of breath/ breathing attacks causing seizure-like symptoms

11-25-2012, 06:47 AM
Almost 2 years ago I began having shortness of breath that seemed to linger throughout the day I didn't pay any mind at first as I believed I was coming down with some sort of a bronchitis or something. After weeks and weeks of these symptoms of shortness of breath and feeling like I am breathing out of a plastic straw with holes in it I began to realize is something else could be the culprit. I began having other symptoms more neurologic in nature. The shortness of breath was pretty much constant but mild throughout the day, I would also have breathing episodes that were more severe during a severe breathing episodes I would notice confusion slurred speech difficulty walking and spasms in my lambs particularly my hand and arms and legs. The pain from the spasms are so severe that I cry. All I can tell you is that I was fine up until two years ago when I fell on a patch of black ice I did not hit my head rather I suffered a neck injury. I began having severe headaches all the time and it was suggested to me by a friend of the family to take a drug called Topamax to help my headaches. the Topamax did not help my headaches and after upping my dose just one time 250 mg I had my very first episode of what I thought and my family thought could have been a seizure. I was taken off of the Topamax because my doctor did relate the seizure like episode two the Topamax I was also having symptoms of numbness tingling and visual disturbances. Since being off of Topamax I began having these symptoms almost on a daily basis. The sensation of breeding to a straw the neurologic episodes muscle twitching episodes of spasticity confusion and slurred speech have continued since. I have been to a heart doctor I do have an arrhythmia and confirmed PVCs. That is the only finding. I have also been to a pulmonary specialist who cleared me of any sort of lung problem except for the possibility of damage from acid reflux to my vocal chords. I do have acid reflux disease. And I am on the highest dose of protonix that can be given. I am often tired in the breathing is so bad that I feel I can barely get simple house chores done without bringing on a severe attack. It is impossible to lay on my back and fall asleep as I feel there is something heavy weighing on my chest and abdomen. In fact the only position I can sleep in is on my stomach which ends up hurting my back in the middle of the night and in the morning. The gastrointestinal doctor I see diagnosed me as having a hiatal hernia that is very small, he said he is unable to do anything about it because surgery would make it worse. I also have acid reflux disease which I know for fact has damaged my vocal chords so I can imagine what it's doing to my lungs. Sorry for any miss spelling but I am using talk to text because I have a lot to say. If anyone else has experienced this and has gotten better from it or if there are any doctors who can comment on this post and give me your best advice I would greatly appreciate this, I have two children who are counting on me to be around for a long time and it the way that I'm feeling now I don't know how much longer I can carry on. All I can say is that I'm doing my best. By the way I also recently had some blood testing done that showed some problems with my iron? I think it said look low red blood cells, high iron binding capacity I'm not sure whether the iron binding capacity was high or low I don't have the paper in front of me, but I know there's a problem with my iron binding capacity. Again if you have any thoughts or suggestions please comment and let me know what you think. I have been given acid reflux medication, anti-anxiety medication which does not work, inhalers that do not work, and I do often take muscle relaxers for the spasms. Thanks for your help :)