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11-25-2012, 09:19 AM
Hi i can't seem to find anything with my situation anywere on the internet so would like some opinions i will still be getting this scanned soon hopefully the waiting list are long and im not suffering no pain from my ribcage just a tenderness when i stick my fingers on it, and have no prior history recently that could of done this, but the only way i can describe it is like my ribs feel as if they don't round perfectly opposite they sorta drop a little at an angle and if you feel my ribs from the side i think its rib number 2.3.4 from the top they don't seem to have an intercostal line or gap? They seem to skim the top of lower ribs but no ribs seem to be loose or moveable when layed still, like i say im not in no pain but have anxiety so im freaking out that my rib cage is going to collapse or something i have been awake all night trying to relate to someones similar story but cant find none anywere :/ and the same ribs seem to cause a tenderness burning on my sternum if rubbed too much not sure if thats related or not though because im currently undergoing abdominal tests for reflux or ibs symptoms thanks,