View Full Version : insomnia:(

11-27-2012, 04:22 AM
Just recently my doctor took me off cymbalta. COLD TURKEY because my insurance wouldn't pay for it after I got new insurance. He told me to try effexor but didn't call it in to pharmacy .. so now my problem is lack of sleep. First couple nights were fine after
I stopped cymbalta, but then I started to have a little trouble shutting my eyes. Then I would wake up many many times during night and fall back to sleep. I slept almost 12 hours two nights ago of course waking up a hundred times. But last night I didn't sleep at all...I even took a flexeral. Not even drowsy. I work 11 hrs a day nights, and its almost 730 and wondering if I should just stay up and lose this battle. I work from 4pm to 330am... wat do I do?? Is it withdrawal? Should I try to get a few hrs in or just stay up and not have to deal with getting up AFTER ONLY A FEW HOURS? A alittle advice would cheer a feller up.

12-01-2012, 08:45 PM
If I have this right you just STOPPED Cymbalta?? I did that on only the smallest dose every other day and I had major insomnia and brain shivers and zaps ext!! you HAVE to taper or get right on to Effexor!! Keep us updated!