View Full Version : No food or appetite in 3 days

11-29-2012, 05:46 PM
Lately I have not been hungry what so ever. I used to be a bored eater like whenever I was bored I would eat and I was constantly bored therefore I was constantly snacking. I am still bored but food makes me want to puke. It is Thursday night and the last meal I had was Monday night dinner. Tuesday I had no breakfast, no lunch, and a small bowl of cheese dip for dinner. Wednesday I had no breakfast, a cup of coca cola for lunch, and a can of Dr. Pepper and a half bag of goldfish for dinner. Today is Thursday and again I had no breakfast, for lunch I bought macaroni and cheese and a cup of coca cola but I didn't touch the macaroni and only drank the coca cola. It is dinner now and I am barely touching my pasta for dinner. I try and eat something and I when I go for more I feel like I am about to puke. I know I should eat, but I cannot get myself to eat without almost puking after the first bite and also it is like the first bite is appetizing enough. It's been 3 days of not eating and I feel sick now. I have a 100.4F fever and I feel like I am about to throw up again.
What is going on? What am I doing to myself? Please answer my question.