View Full Version : Red marks on my body

12-01-2012, 03:08 AM
Hi I am 30 years old and about 3 months ago my shoulder and neck were hurting so went to see my GP. She said its muscular and stress and told me to take Paracetamol and Ibroprofen 3 times a day, she also put me on Citalopram as I was feeling low. I did this for two weeks and went back as I was having horrible migraines, from which I do suffer, and I was in more agony. She decided to stop citalopram and put me on Lustral and amitriptilyne to help with the migraines and the pain. I also mentioned to her I had started to notice red marks, really tiny apperaing over my arms and neck and some on my chest. She wasn't that bothered. Five days later at home I started to freak out as noticed there were hundreds of these marks and on my tummy and a few appereaing on my legs too. I spoke to her on phone and she asked me to go to hospital to get some blood tests done. When I saw her at the surgery I was a mess crying all over the place, worrying I was going to die, my two children are so young I was so scared. She said the results of blood test are all fine so I was reliveved and she believes I am anxious and emotional due to the change of antidepressent and it should settle in a few more days. It has been a few more days and yes I am not as emotional but these red marks are still such a worry to me, there are so many and I feel like I have been brushed aside over these for being depressed. I want to know what they are and what is causing them as they are not going and if anything I am seeing more every day. I have looked at images on the web and none of them look like what I have as these are so small its hard to see unless u look closely. My muscles still ache all over and I am worried she has missed something important. Please can anyone shed any light for me. I am going back to the doctors on Tuesday and I will bring it up with her again . Thanks