View Full Version : IBS -PI recovery story - questions

12-02-2012, 09:13 PM
I am happy to post a happy ending story after my IBS -PI for those that are trying to find encouragement.

It all started Sep 1st this year in my own hometown Mexico (I have been living in Singapore 4 years so that is not my town anymore) where I caught a 1 month bout of infectious diarrhea that I neglected for 4 weeks. Later on back in Singapore where I live, doctors gave me a bomb of antibiotics (cirpo and flagyl) that might have stopped the diarrhea but gosh did it make things worse. For the next 2 months I could not eat anything, anything that i had would upset my stomach and gave me loose stools or diarrhea. Anxiety became normal for me during those days. I had to go on chicken soup low fiber diet.

Long story short, about a week ago I started to feel better and suddenly incorporated normal food, including sugars, cakes, chocolate, everything! Except diary (I will that soon) and there is no mayor consequence: my BM's are consistently normal looking, no more loose stools (maybe once or twice if I over eat crap or junk). No more indigestion sensations, gas, blotting, all that I have left is a minor discomfort feeling on the lower left side that has been there from day 1 and that goes off and on but every day is lesser and lesser.

They say that IBS PI is easier to cure. How I cured it was by sticking with white rice and chicken soup, NO fiber at all, white toast, apple sauce, noodles, NO sodas, NO diet products, supplements like enzymes and probiotics and some fish oil. I also increased my exercise activity from 2 times a week to 6 times a week.

Results: I can say that I am 99% cured, my body looks better than it has for the last 10 years as of course after what I have described I lost weight and gained muscle mass and toned up my body.

Question 1 is, how much weight do you guys think is normal to lose within the above described regimen and considering I had 1 month of diarrhea, 1 month of horrible antibiotic side effect suffering, and total of 3 months of clean diet plus more exercise...
Question 2 is, will my body naturally gain the weight back even if I stick with my regimen (of course I will now start eating healthier but will not have many restrictions apart from almost none to none processed food, no soda, no excess of sugars). How can I make sure I only gain maybe 2-3 lbs and not more?

Hope to get some input here, good luck to all!