View Full Version : Need suggestions, losing a brother from shooting heroin

12-03-2012, 12:04 PM
What's going on my fellow people,

I'm an addict myself, In recovery for about 10 years with relapses here and there. I'm just going to make this quick. My brother got caught up in shooting dope, He's angry because I told his mother, But I love him and I don't care and I'll punch him in his face if it comes down to it. He's got a beautiful son, and is already getting involved Is on the verge of losing everything and his son, We just lost a really good friend due to suicide, he hung himself I'm sure he was in psychosis because all the stuff he was on. Am at the point now I don't know what to do, Thinking about getting his family involved and sectioning him through court before he does from an OD or beat bags.
I love the kid and will do anything for him No matter how mad he gets at me.
Feedback would be very much appreciated

12-06-2012, 11:02 PM
Hello dbrock.

This is indeed a sensitive matter,which requires some thought and discretion.
Seeing your brother travel down certain paths can't be easy but in retrospect,it's his road to travel.
If you get too wrapped up in his affairs,I have concern that you may be inadvertently placed in compromised positions;thus affecting your own recovery.
For a moment,please take into consideration the untimely death of a shared good friend.While it must effect you,take a moment to realize how your brother is feeling.It can easily bring him down further,due to the need to escape.
I feel your frustration and your need to protect him is understandable.

Have you voiced your concerns man to man;only to have him throw it back in your face or it fall on deaf ears?
An intervention may or may not work,depending on the circumstance and where his mind is currently.
Tough love is always the option in cases like this.

This is going to take some thought and emotions should be controlled(as much as possible).You will eventually be left with this moral dilemma:do you want to help him or harm him?

Respectfully stated