View Full Version : what is going on?!

12-06-2012, 10:47 PM
Well let's start from the beginning,I was on metformin to help my blood sugar,I started running on a treadmill to also help loose weight. It worked! I lost 30 lbs and I stopped taking metformin,but I also had to stop running too,I started having really bad leg pains and hip pain. It's weird, if feels like needles or a knife will stab me, this is thru out both legs,and my hips feel like an odd pressure pain. I have seen a rheumatologist,orthopedic and they say everything is fine. Which is odd becus an xray showed an inpinchment,but the ortho says that,its not true. So anyway my Dr sends me to a spine Dr, and turns out I have scoliosis its not bad,just mild. I started doing physical therapy and my leg pains got worse,so I asked for an MRI of my lower back and all it showed was mild degenerative disease or whatever. and the spine Dr called me and said that he doesn't think my leg pains are coming from my back,and to go back to my regular Dr. I've had blood work done, cat scans of my pelvis, which shows cysts in my ovaries which is common. But I'm wondering if its not my back,awhat else could this be?? It's literally driving me insane.