View Full Version : sickle cell baby refusing to eat and vomitting

12-08-2012, 01:14 AM
Hi I hope I can find reply's that can help me guide me to what my one year old baby boy is going through.

Yousef is one year old and has sickle cell. We started having problems with vomiting since he was 6 months old, he refuses to feed and would vomit as soon as he is done feeding or within a few hours of doing so.

The biggest problem is that if for instance if he feeds without vomiting in the morning and then takes his second or third meal that day, he would vomit and the food he eat in the morning and it would still be undigested.

We took him to see pediatric gastroenterologist, who prescribed Nexium but didn't do any good. Yousef now survives on only a high calorie milk based shake that is all he is going to take, he refuses everything else.

He is on penicillin and folic acid daily as prevention for infections as he is sickle cell diseased. Since he was nine months he has been getting high fevers of around 39 degrees twice a month where he would need to be hospitalized and have all sorts of blood works, urine, and stool cultures done to rule out a bacteria infection. All these tests were negative for bacteria so he would be put on iv fluids for re hydration and sent back home within a few days of observation and the fever was attributed to a viral infection.

We are starting to suspect that there is a link between the vomiting, the fevers and the refusal of food.

We would appreciate it if anybody can share their experience with a similar case or can guide us to what we should do next.

Thanx and Regards