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12-08-2012, 08:35 AM
I just became a member because I read a post from someone looking for answers about their sister taking numerous drugs. The sister had many crippling type of characteristics and a symptom concerning tightening in her neck as well. I was on this site to read about Sucralfate which I began taking today and wanted to make sure it was safe which it seems that it is. On my label for Sucralfate it warns not to take this medication with Ciprofloxacin and BOTH of those medications were listed under the medications that her sister was taking. I took Cipro about 4 years ago and tried to enter into a class action suit because of the crippling effect that I experienced with Cipro on it's own. This girls post was back in 2006 but I wanted to let her know that my severe reaction to Cipro was tendon stiffness in my neck with nerve pain up the back of my head and down into my right arm. I finally had to stop working and had to go into pain therapy, messages, accupuncture and anything else I could do to relieve the pain I was experiencing. I don't know what the reaction would be with taking Cipro and Sucralfate together but along with the long list of other substantial drugs her sister was taking, I couldn't imagine what her sister must be feeling like. I hope they found out what to do and what the problems were but my heart went out to them because of my experiences with Cipro.