View Full Version : Chest tightness, difficulty swallowing

12-09-2012, 01:30 PM
Hello everyone,

29 year old healthy male here. I've been dealing with something for the last 6 months and I'm losing my mind. I was pretty physically active until all this happened. I've been to several doctor appointments but haven't found a solution. Saw a general physician, cardiologist, G.I. (might return for endoscopy) and a chiropractor.


-chest tightness in sterum (no pain)
-increased heart rate, especially when lying down, often wake up at night with racing heart
-can't lie down flat or heart starts racing, feel short of breath
-food feels like it gets stuck in my lower throat and chest
-burping, mostly after eating
-feel like I can't get a full breath
-sometimes in the morning I have a rattle in my lungs, as in fluid, but it disappears with a couple of breaths
-chest x-ray few months ago revealed hyper expanded lungs

I've tried Nexium and Protonix. I've been on and off beta blockers, which is the only thing that gives relief, but they just slow my heart rate a little and I don't want to depend on them. I've also tried a slew of natural remedies and nothing helps.

Based on research I've done I go back and forth thinking it could be either an esophageal ulcer and hiatal hernia. It all started pretty suddenly. At the time I was taking Metamucil psyllium husk, usually at night close to bedtime (not smart). Sometimes I don't think I'd add enough water and it would be thick, but I'd just drink it down anyway. Come to find out psyllium husk swells once ingested and it can also bind with food. So I'm wondering if it binded to food in my stomach and swelled upward as I was sleeping, causing my stomach to herniate into my chest cavity. Again, never had any pain, just extreme discomfort.

I would greatly appreciate any help! :(