View Full Version : Im worried

12-11-2012, 08:58 AM
I have this little lump just to the side of my sternum, I've had it for about a year but I thought it was just my chest hurting, when I Was younger I used to be fine my chest didn't bother me because I used to play with my brother hitting our chests and going 'ooo' so I was fine then:') in the last month it's got much bigger then it was and it starts to hurt a lot, when I lean forward it feels like something's trying to pull it out of my chest and when I lean back it feels like it's going to pop up, I can't sleep on my side either because I cross my arms over and night and it starts to feel like a tight knot, it's like a small circle, when I touch it it really hurts especially when I press it, but I'm to nervous to go to the doctors or hospital to find our what they think. =/ thanks for reading this guys, if you have any clues let me know <3

12-12-2012, 08:29 AM
You really should speak to a doctor. Lumps are sometimes signs of cancer or other things. I f its causing you pain you really need to get it checked out. It will only get worse.

12-12-2012, 10:08 AM
Alright Thanks.