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01-04-2013, 12:54 AM
Hi everyone, I just a teen, and my mom just turned 34, and she has a complete addiction to pills. I know one type of pill that she for sure takes is xanax, and she stays high all day and night, and sometimes she will stay up for 24 hours straight, and there will be some days where she will be completely messed up, and some days where she is only buzzed, but still, it disgusts me. I have other siblings, but the youngest (my little brother) just turned 3 (our birthdays are all around the same time), haha! And well, I would have left the house a long time ago if it weren't for my little brother. My step dad works all the time, and while I'm at school, my mom is the one left with my little brother, and I'm scared of that because she has been alone with him many times where there isn't complete supervision. My brother was sick one time, and he was rushed to the hospital, and while she was there with him, one of the doctors called CPS on her, because they saw that she was high, and my aunt had to go up there to sit with my brother, because they wouldn't allow my mom to. The reason she had got on xanax in the first place is because she has a back problem, and she has dislocated disks, or (something like that), and she has been to Red River before, but she did not go the whole time, she went for a small amount of time, and then told us that she was ready to come home. (Of course after that, she was back hooked on pills). And her doctor is no help. She gets prescription after prescription. He is a real pill pusher. If it's not one pill, it's another. Sometimes when she is out of her prescription of xanax, she will get some off the street, and buy them, or she will take extra amounts of hydrocodones, so that they are equal to feelings of xanax. I don't know her complete dosage, all I know is that she takes these and gets big amounts of them. They were also taken for anxiety. But, if she doesn't get off of these, no matter what she has, then she will be a complete pill-head her whole life. I don't want that to happen. Her addiction has caused the majority of the problems my family has. There is constant arguing. She has gotten to the point where everything that comes out of her mouth is negative, there's never a happy moment around her anymore. If I, or another family member tries to talk to her about it, she says that we're all ganging up on her, and that we don't love her, and we treat her like crap. She constantly repeats herself. Her memory is getting worse and worse. She doesn't have a healthy thinking tunnel. She doesn't think smart. (Money wise, exc.) She will spend her money until we don't even have a penny left, and because of that, my step dad struggles to pay the bills/any other thing that needs to be paid off. She is in constant need of money, and she spends all of it. She is always asking other people if she can borrow some of their money. Why should someone constantly be asking for money? If anyone says anything to her, it sets off a trigger, and she will get very mad and take more pills, and she will leave the house for hours at a time without telling anyone, and I am usually the one responsible for taking care of the household while my parents aren't here. I'm the oldest in the house. She is barely ever home, and when she is home, she is highly messed up, or she is catching up on sleep that she's always missing. She doesn't know how to sit down, she always has to be ripping and running off somewhere. My family is not the way it used to be. She has caused many, many, many problems, and I don't wanna waste my teenage years worrying about her. It really makes me sad, seeing her like this, she is still young. She smokes and takes pills all the time and her youth is just peeling away. I am embarrassed to have friends around because I'm afraid they're going to see the way she acts, and a couple of my (close) friends already have, and that's the reason I never invite friends over. And at family events, or just regular old get-together's, she usually acts funny, and my whole family can tell that she is on something. My grades have dropped because of the stress I have to deal with at home. It's very hard to talk to her, because she snaps easily. I don't know what to do anymore. My step dad has threatened to leave her plenty of times, and I know he would have, but he stays because he loves his kids. They have been together since I was 5 years old, and we really need him in our lives, because he is the only adult in my household that brings stability. I wish that there was a way she could get help. I have thrown away pill bottles, and by God, she is willing to spend the whole day looking up and down for them. I hate that. I HATE seeing her like this. I just want her to get help. Can someone please tell me what I can do?

01-14-2013, 05:25 PM
Hello FaiFai and welcome. :wave:

While you can't save your mother,you can tell her that you love her,from time to time,in the hopes that it will eventually sink in.

Sounds like your stepdad is a person to be admired.
Have you ever tried speaking to him in confidence? Maybe he has been thinking of a few solutions.
Is he the type to keep a secret?

You have suppressed emotions and the older you get,the more complex the psyche gets.

Have you ever considered seeing a therapist,to help you process these feelings?

When a family member becomes addicted,it affects the entire family dynamic.

Please hang in there and keep posting,if you're up to it.
Know that we're here for you.


01-29-2013, 07:21 PM
Yeah, he is the type of person that is secretive. We don't talk a whole bunch like we used to. I just keep praying that my family gets better. My mom has been clean for about 3 weeks now. And yes, I do try speaking to him with confidence, but they don't take me very seriously. I'm always trying to talk to them about God, but they don't ever stick to the plan. Me and my mom are about to move out, when she gets her income tax money. I feel as if they need to be apart, they've had too many problems to keep hanging in there. I know it's for her benefit, though. And plus, this small town is just eating me up. I hate living here.