View Full Version : Seizure first time and unsure of dosages prescribed by two different doctores

01-18-2013, 04:09 PM
In September I saw a neurologist for having the same conversation twice with no recollection of the second with a roommate. A subsequent MRI showed nothing wrong. I have no history of seizures but last week a co-worker found me his words "having a seizure" I have no recollection of it except coming to in the ambulance 15 minutes later. The emergency room doctor after doing blood work and a head ct and eeg three days later (sleep deprived): all came back negative The emergency room doctor prescribed Lamotrigine 25 mg two weeks then 50 mg for two weeks that day.
The neurologist from September without seeing me prescribed 100 mg twice a day of Lamotrigine then went on sick leave and the covering neurologist said that was the proper dosage to prevent another seizure. I cannot get into see any neurologist for a month can you guys give me some advice I am really worried about increasing the dosage so high with out seeing a neurologist in person is this dosage correct or common after a seizure?