View Full Version : Just got lab results. Urgent advise needed

01-20-2013, 11:43 PM
Hi everyone.

I just got my lab results for LH, FSH and Estradiol. I did these tests because my previous Testosterone test resulted in very very low T. Only 176 ng/dl :( and also the symptoms for low T (very low libido, weak erections, no morning wood, fatigue, sleepiness in the afternoon, mood swings, irritability) therefore in a quest to find the reason for these very low T numbers of mine, I wanted to know if I am hypogonadal and if it is Primary or Secondary (if it is hypogonadism).

So now I have these results.

Result Lab Reference Range
Serum FSH---2.85 mIU/ml 1.4 to 18.1 mIU/ml
Serum LH ---2.70 mIU/ml 1.5 to 9.3 mIU/ml
Estradiol ---26.00 pg/ml 0 to 39.8 pg/ml

Keeping in view my T result (i.e.176 ng/dl), please let me know what does my above tests mean? I would appreciate to have answers to the following questions.

1. Am I hypogonadal? if so, primary or secondary?
2. It my Estradiol level low, normal or elevated?
3. Will I have reproductive problems with these results in view?

This and any other expert advise will be very helpful. I will be waiting for a quick response from the friendly and helpful members of this forum :)