View Full Version : Citrucel and interstital cystitis

01-23-2013, 10:08 PM
I have IBS-A but my tendency is to get constipated if i don't move my bowels within 48 hours of my last bowel movement. i was told by my primary care doctor to use Citrucel in the morning and in the evening to keep my bowels moving on a regular basis.
This worked great until i developed interstital cystitis last year. the Citrucel makes the interstital cystitis worse by making the urgency and frequency worse for 2-3 hours after taking the Citrucel. i tried adjusting the time and dosage and even going off the Citrucel for awhile but as soon as i started back on he Citrcel the urgency and frquency problem came back again with a venegance . Weird !
i now have to be extra vigiant in eating enough fiber in my diet ,drinking enough water,and making sure i move my bowels every day and not go more than 48 hours without having a bowel movement or i can't go by the 3rd day without a whole of straining and forcing the hard stool to pass.
Has anyone else have this very strange side effect besides me from taking citrucel ?