View Full Version : Swollen Lymph Nodes

01-30-2013, 01:13 PM
I had shingles last month and ever since then one lymph node is swollen in my neck and one on the back of my head where my hair line starts. Both have gotten a lot smaller over the weeks. The one in my neck is not bothersome but I can feel it in there when I move my neck. Also the one in my neck has seemed to harden up but still moves a little when I push on it. It is not huge, about a size of a pea or lima bean. I have no other symptoms - no fatigue, no loss of appetite, no chest pain, no weight loss, no night sweats, no itching, etc.

I am going to the doctor on February 12 but wanted to see if perhaps I should try to get in there sooner. I lean toward being a hypochondriac and am starting to worry since its been about 2.5 weeks I stopped the antibiotic for the shingles. I was not sure if this could be lymphoma?