View Full Version : Six weeks of IBS issues, at my wits end and need some advice!!

02-01-2013, 03:26 AM
Hey all,

Please help me!!!
I got an attack of what I thought was my IBS December 21st, my dad died the day before (from Colon Cancer of all things) so I thought it was stress ect. It was a severe stabbing pain in my left side. Had to go to emergency doc, get a shot of buscopan and a painkiller and was advised to see my GP. Had my last natural BM on December 27th. I cant seem to come to a clear conclusion is it my IBS or is it something more ominous!!

Been constipated since then. Went through the whole laxative route, advised my the doctor in case it was an impaction to take 3 days of high doses of Movicol and then onto to 2 per day after that. I didn't get too much relief but it did help the bloat and feeling of being blocked. That was in early January. Since then I take my 2 Movicol per day and it does nothing, before all this it would be guaranteed to make me go but now it doesn't do a thing. I don't even get an urge to push anymore even though I know I have to go. I don't know if this is a psychological problem or a lazy colon. When I can go, I don't seem to go properly, its always loose, sludgy, and has lots of undigested food in it. Its not diarrhea, just soft loose BMs. Sometimes it looks sandy like textured with pieces of what I've eaten in it. I have started doing daily warm water enemas to keep the blocked feeling away, and even with the enemas I don't feel like I am passing much. I don't know if this is because I am eating less or is it because I am severely constipated. I also get days when I cant pass wind, even though my tummy gurgles and feels the need to pass it.

I am so anxious about all this now. The constant problems I've had seems to be stuck in my head now so I am always thinking and worrying about what's happening to me. I am afraid to eat food I used to love as I cant digest it. Coffee and drinks that used to help me go in the mornings also has zero effect. I have cut out dairy, and white breads, I eat lots of veggies, fruit and raisins, porridge made with water, salads, and if I eat some bread its usually brown bread like McCambridges, and I also drink over 2 litres of water a day.

NOTHING seems to be helping me and the longer it goes on, the more anxious I am getting. I must add that I don't feel ill or in pain, just bloated, slightly nauseated at times and a feeling that I cant go to the toilet even though I want to.

Has anyone here ever experience symptoms like this for this length of time with IBS? Do you think there is anything there to really worry about, And if not, what worked for them to get back on track?
I could really do with some advice from someone who has been in this position or knows about it. So sick and tired of it all now :-(