View Full Version : Unknown Illness - pain, breathing difficulty, fatigue

02-17-2013, 11:22 PM
Can you please help me diagnose this illness I have been having. The doctors I've seen don't seem to know whats going on. For 110 days now, I've had new breathing problems and pain problems. My breathing is heavy and more noisy. The tissue on my skull hurts to touch and I feel intense pain from behind my neck up my skull and into an area behind my nose. I am always in pain and having breathing difficulties. All the soft tissue on my head and neck feels sore to touch. My vision has been more blurry. My face turns red quite quickly and it is very hard to work out. I have a very limited breathing capacity. I have been put on naproxen for the pain, to no avail. i have been put on advair for the breathing.