View Full Version : Yellow on TP when I wipe

02-24-2013, 08:46 AM
I am a 23yr old male.

I had an endoscopy a little over a month ago that showed inflammation and redness in the stomach (Gastritis). I am taking Pantoprazole (Protonix) for it at the moment.

I am not eating as much as I should, I know that, so I have lost some weight but my stomach is "gurgling" a lot throughout the day, like it would when you are really hungry - which I am at the times it does this, it also does it after eating when I am sitting/lying down.

I go to the bathroom (stool) typically in the morning, like I just did and the color of the stool is fine, a little loser than normal but it is not diarrhea. When I go to wipe the TP has a almost no feces on it and it looks as if I had urinated on it a bit (except a little more yellow). My diet is good, I did have some fast food last night but that's the first time in weeks.

My biopsies all came back negative with H Pylori, Celiac, etc.. during the endoscopy.

I have also been dealing with a TON of health anxiety over the last 2-3 weeks which in turn has caused me to eat a little less, stress me out, etc. I have no other symptoms.

I have been urinating more than "normal" I think - 10-12 times a day and my water intake is ~64oz. My nervousness about my health recently has caused me to urinate a little more I think as well.

Thoughts? Thanks.