View Full Version : Ventral Mesh Rectopexy

03-04-2013, 04:59 AM
Hello this is my first post on forum.I had ventral mesh rectopexy surgery for a full thickness rectal prolapse in December 2012.Unfortunately it has not helped my bowel problems,i actually feel worse.I cannot use my rectum muscles properly and i still have the need to chronically strain to try to pass soft poo.It may come out a bit but then there stills feel as though there is still some inside rectum and also it can be hanging from my bottom.Its so uncomfortable and feels like incomplete evacuation all the time.I was hoping the surgery would help but i new there was a chance it would not.I have been told to use suppositories until i see a specialist nurse about using enemas and peristeen rectal irrigation,which i am not keen on at all.Has anyone had this surgery and able to get any sort of bowel relief/emptying so that they can get on with there day?I feel so ill and i am also bloated and get pelvic pain due to straining.:(.Sorry for the graphic long post but so hoping for any advice that can be given.Thank you.:(