View Full Version : After 10years its IBS!!!! Grrrrrrrr!

03-14-2013, 03:42 PM
Hey guys, i am new here, but wanted to see if anyone else has similar symptoms to me, and this is anonymous so i don't have to feel embarrassed. It started when i was 16, i was with my boyfriend doing "stuff" and when i got aroused suddenly i would have the worst pain ever in the bottom left of my tummy, i would be literally screaming with pain, the pain would last 20minutes exactly (weird) then it would ease off. Over the years it kept happening, but in this order- I'd be asleep and dream i had a belly ache, i instantly wake up and feel a ache in my stomach, i know whats coming so i quickly make a hot water bottle and hold it on my stomach waiting for the "worst pain ever" to come, within 5minutes i am rolling around on the floor dripping with sweat clutching my tummy, i suddenly need to go toilet, i drag myself to the bathroom and go, usually 3 times, i then collapse back on the floor for another 5 minutes, then suddenly am sick EVERYWHERE.... by this point i am in such a state i think i'm dying.... then it starts to ease of (the 20minutes are almost up!) then i drag myself back to bed, and its almost like someone has pumped me with sleeping tablets, i feel all drowsy and pass out. But sometimes this can happen 4 times a night. It was unbearable. After the worst attack ever last week i went to the doctors who have prescribed me "mebeverine" to try... is anyone else on these tablets? How have they worked for you? I have been wrongly diagnosed for 10 years and am hoping and preying they have finally put their finger on it :) Thank you for reading. $$$