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03-31-2013, 09:40 AM
I'm not sure if this is IBS or lactose intolerant problem. I've always had stomach problems, mostly gas. Never had a problem with diarrhea but mostly constipation. My GI doc gave me Linzess to take with my food in the mornings to make my bowels move. Has anyone heard or taken this medicine? Now back to the gas problem. I live off of Gas-x. And it usually works. Also bentyl. I really don't live by a food system because sometimes foods never bother me and then sometimes they can reek havoic on my life. For instance. I eat ice cream everynite before bed. Always have all my life. Sometimes i can eat it and never be woken up with rip roaring stomachache and then sometimes i eat it and wake up with one so i'm never sure if I have IBS or i'm just lactose intolerant. But if so,,why would it only bother me SOMETIMES and SOMETIMES NOT!! Thats where i get confused. I'm talking about wakiing up with a stomachache (mostly gas) that has me doubled over until i walk around or take a handful of gasX or lay with a heating pad. Dr. isn't sure. Colonscopy is fine. Barium swallow fine. So i never know if i eat something its going to flare up. I figured if it were lactose intolerant it would bother me all the time and with other dairy products but it doesn't. And then i wonder about IBS. Why does it do it just sometimes!!!! Any and all help is appreciated. Also anyone heard of the Linzess for constipation and if so does it work...
Thank you so much

04-01-2013, 02:04 AM
yes I tried Linzess and did not work for me.. good luck