View Full Version : Omeprazole vs Nexium

04-06-2013, 12:00 PM
I was on Nexium over the summer and into the fall, paid $204/month. Was feeling good, was able to drink coffee/alcohol.

In the fall I went to pick up a prescription and a pharmacist wondered why I was paying so much, said 2 prilosec in the morning and 2 at night were the same thing. I still was hesitant. When I went to the GI for a follow up visit and asked him if that was true, he said yes. He also said I might be fine with 1 omeprazole in the morning and one at night. I did try that around the holidays and was also trying some other things, took out coffee, but drank a bunch of herbal teas (horrible flare up). Was eating tons of apples and felt like I had a hot poker on the inside, stopped the apples. So then I was coming off a couple flare ups, decided to do Nexium for a month, and did feel much better. Then decided to go right into the omeprazole 2 in the morning and 2 at night, did this for a little over 2 months? Felt so good in terms of no major acid symptoms, coffee, alcohol, only felt a little stinging every now and then in my lower throat.

This last month I had some major stress with mammograms, and then a few days ago started with menstrual cycle...had an acid flare up. Came onto some old posts on women with flare ups at menstrual cycle. I just can't tell why a flare up out of nowhere? I was wondering if it was more because of my hormones, or the omeprazole?

Also, I have felt so nauseated since on the Omeprazole. I feel like I am early pregnant, where I have no food cravings, and want only certain foods, mostly comfort foods. And, lots of gas. I enjoy wine at night now and then because I then feel the buzz of the alcohol and not the nausea of all day.

When I was first put on 1 prilosec a year ago at night, I do remember having gas then too.

I also look back to where I was a year ago with a very minor symptom and where I am today and would do anything to go back to that time with no PPI!!!!

I was liking the idea of the omeprazole for a few reasons:
1. can buy it anywhere
2. SO MUCH cheaper (Costco)
3. Can wean to 2 a day, then 1 a day, etc...to wean off

Anyway, thoughts?????