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04-10-2013, 04:27 PM
Im going to attempt to have a juice diet for 30 days.. I'll first vent out my frustrations of my GERD and where I'm at before I divulge more about my diet.

So basically I developed GERD about 4 years ago... thought I had like lung cancer or some sh*t (I used to smoke hard) and had bad bad burning pain on chest. Its developed abit since those days. I take lansoprazole 30mg probably every 2 days on average. I take it less frequently than I use to. It controls my heartburn quite well but I get other really bad 'side effects'. Whether its a symptom of acid reflux or a side effect of the drug I dont know. Its just a really annoying breathing issue. I like have heavy breathing on some occasions and general difficulty breathing.. Does anyone else get this? It could be from stress I dont know.... Also I'm burping SOOOOOOOO much. Anyone else get massive gassy burping fits?

I have heard of the benefits of juicing on primarily vegetables to aid healing of acid reflux. I'm going to put this to the test. I bought a juicer today and I'm going to attempt to do a diet for 30 days. A mini detox. I will juice twice a day (around 1 and a half litres), eat afew bananas, fresh salmon, tuna, avocado, fresh nuts... basically anything raw and fresh. I've been out drinking tonight and binged on a Mcdonalds knowing its going to be the last time I do it for ATLEAST a month. I want to change my eating habits for good. F*ck processed foods. My eating habits have been so so awful for my GERD. I need to say sorry to my body and be good to it..

I'll keep you guys updated day by day and let you guys know how my symptoms change/develop.

04-11-2013, 10:32 AM
Yes, your symptoms of breathing problems and gas are just a couple of the side effects of lansoprazole.

Good luck with the juicing. Though not sure the best way to begin was with a binge!!

04-11-2013, 12:55 PM
Day 1

I thought a binge was actually good closure for my past idiotic dietary moves.

So my first day went slightly off plan and I'm re-evaluating my diet. I'm going to try and stop eating bread. I juiced in the morning... beetroot, carrots, celery, cucumber and a delicious red apple. Its very tasty. I also bought a large pack of carrots to munch on while at work. It went well until lunch time. I'm so use to eating alot of calories that my stomach was screaming for food. I bought a tuna roll and felt almost immediately after alot of burping. This has made me think perhaps not having any bread for a month would be good.

Anyway, for dinner I was very sensible and had lettice/spinach mixed with tuna and olive oil.. was actualy quite tasty... Todays probably the first day in over 7 years where ive gone throughout the day without some kind of sugar. I think this is going to take 3-4 days to get use to...

Had no heartburn as of yet. But I took my (hopefully) last pill last night and so it takes 2-3 days before heartburn would come back anyway...

So onwards and upwards.

04-11-2013, 07:40 PM
Keep us posted on how it goes

04-20-2013, 12:01 PM
Just to let you guys know how im doing:

At first, like with alot of people trying new things, I was up and ready for drastically changing my eating habits and lifestyle etc... but things have slipped abit.. Fast food and alcohol have creeped in now and again... BUT, I have been JUICING every single day since I started this thread (9 days)....

I've been off the Lansoprazole for nearly 6 days, which is a record... and I think my GERD is dissipating away.. I dont really want to jinx it but I feel great. I've got slight heartburn now and then but it hasnt lasted long. I had breathing problems before but now its ok and I played football the other day and normally I get really bad heartburn and am dying after 10 minutes, but I played for nearly 2 hours and I was still full of energy... I havnt been burping as much as I was last week also.

Its only been 9 days but I think the goodness of the vegetable juice is really helping. And its not like ive had mild GERD.. I've suffered really really bad with it non stop for 4 years..

Maybe others on here should try to juice for 10 days or so and see if it helps them?


04-20-2013, 04:47 PM
recently had endoscopy and since then have developed similar symptoms, particularly shortness of breath and burning sensation in stomach. before the procedure, i hadn't had health issues in decades. been taking nexium through doctors suggestion and it doesn't help. by the way he also gave me a staph infection. been reading my alternative medicine book and
it claims drinking aloe vera juice helps. i will start tomorrow. i would suggest if you try this to go with 100% organic with nothing added. 1/4 cup twice a day would be the dosage. best wishes.

04-22-2013, 01:17 AM
I'm also trying a fruit and veg smoothie diet. Splashed out on a blender, and bananas, apples, strawberries, mango, broccoli, cucumber, beets, and carrots.

I'd read that a juice diet can really help. So I thought I'd try it and really sort out this GERD from the beginning. The video said it was important to have a smoothie for breakfast, to set yourself up for the day. I do that, and have at least another later in the day too.

Firstly, I have noticed that drinking a smoothie (no sugar at all) is the only thing I can consume apart from porridge that doesn't aggravate my stomach at all. I get zero heartburn from it. So that's a good start. Plain porridge is also a good tip for anyone looking for foods they probably won't react to.

I'm weaning myself off Prevacid right now after just over two weeks on it. So probably my heartburn should be severe right now (because apparently Prevacid causes a kickback when you stop). But I'm doing ok. I don't think you can lose blending because it's so good for your health anyway.

I've yet to find out if it really conquers my GERD though. I really hope so, because this condition is miserable. It's an effort to keep my weight up, when not eating at all is the most comfortable way to be. The energy loss is bad too.

Anyway, I'll report back how it's going. It's definitely no hardship blending, because it does taste pretty good usually. And the GERD relief is great.