View Full Version : My husbands alcoholism just continues, it's making me sick...

04-20-2013, 08:47 AM
I am hoping to get some real life input here as to what everyone thinks about the diagnosis' that people like my husband continually get. I don't know what to believe with these md's. His alcoholism has been in full force for decades, in and out of rehabs, hospitals, jail, etc. He was diagnosed 7 mths ago with end stage liver disease, chonic cirrhosis and hepatitis c. He has very jaundiced eyes and slightly jaundiced skin, no appetite and hardly eats, many hours a day on the couch and the worst symptom is the wet brain...he's not the same person I married and is VERY difficult to be around.
If he doesn't stop, any idea how long this can persist? I know every case is different but this just goes on and on....it doesn't seem to get better or worse...just constant. Thank you for any info.

04-24-2013, 10:11 AM
Hello Vickie28 and welcome. :wave:

Firstly,please allow me to offer my sympathies and regret for what your husband is currently diagnosed with.

Alcoholism,if left untreated,is a progressive disease and the saying in the rooms is that it can only take you to 3 places: jails,institutions and death.

The harsh reality is if he doesn't cease drinking,his life expectancy substantially decreases.

I know it must be difficult;seeing him in this state and unable to effectively improve his condition.

My prayers for at least a modicum of relief are on their way.