View Full Version : Abdominal tightness/tenderness

04-21-2013, 10:49 AM
Hi i would really appreciate some feedback as i have been under constant anxiety since 2nd march. I had a bad pain in my left testicle which doc said was a varicocele but caused me a week of stress. Then i noticed a burning bulge down there which had me stressing for another 2 weeks and turns out to be small hernia.

So after then few weeks of worrying i noticed my lower abdomen to be really tight. Otherwise before the initial stress mentioned above i was fine. And over the last few weeks ive had burning feeling in stomach and sometimes after eating and pretty constant aches under my rib cage and sometimes rib pain. No blood anywhere and bowel movements seem normal as far as i can tell.

Been to doctors 3 times this month and they seem to think its nothing to worry about and i seem anxious and could be ibs. Been taking the omerpazole bit hasnt helped. And this is on my mind all day every day worried its serious as it dosent feel right. Otherwise i feel energetic and fine. Apetite is fine and im 24.
Thoughts please?

04-21-2013, 11:44 PM
Main thing to remember is that stress/anxiety can make your body feel extremely crappy. Most times anxiety can cause a IBS flare up or when I have a really bad flare up I notice my anxiety increases quite a bit, its mostly due to the fact you have a nervous system in your stomach is what my doctor told me. The burning pain sounds more like acid like a heartburn it could be gerd. Does any acid come up your throat?