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04-22-2013, 12:36 AM
Well I have had IBS for 4 years (diagnosed) I think it is. It's mostly IBS-C but its extremely effecting my life. I am waiting to hear if I get on AISH, IBS was my main reason but now added a few things. Pretty much with my ibs I get
stomach pains
pelvic pains
pains in the *** (yes IBS is a pain in the *** to have but I really can have pain in the *** lol)
overly sensitive stomach (I can pretty much almost feel the nuts I just ate as it goes along my intestines and it hurts a lot. So anything hard or not easy digestible is bad for me)
have troubles drinking (water can make me nauseated, juice bugs my gerd lol and if I drink a lot I have to go a lot, itty bitty bladder apparently)

Along with my IBS I have TMJ, GERD, Fibromyalgia, little Reynaud's, hypothyroidism, chronic thyroiditis, possible chronic fatigue syndrome so pretty much.. if its associated to IBS I have it lol I also have excessive amounts of testosterone. I was told I didn't have PCOS though I have a lot of testosterone, hair in places it shouldn't be, enlarged clitoris and irregular periods. A food diary isn't bad but I find whats fine one day isn't fine the next day. I also struggle a lot with my weight.. before I got on my birth control pill I was down under 100 pounds but when I am on it I can actually gain weight. But it goes up and down like a yoyo and its annoying lol Does anyone else find that during a flare up their anxiety increases a ton? I was told the stomach has its own nervous system so that can be the cause of the anxiety. Trying to stay strong but it sucks to see my friends go out and get married and I am still stuck house bound.. and instead of getting better it adds much worse things lol

04-30-2013, 11:00 AM
Hi sas, i too find myself getting anxiety when i have flare ups. I have had ibs since i was a baby but was not properly diagnosed until i was.15 and hospitalized because of it and im 26 now so i have came across many people with ibs and have learned that many people with ibs have anxiety.

05-03-2013, 08:46 AM
I just saw a nutritionist and found out some things.She will help me.I havesuffered with IBS for years.First,nothing that ends in ose or ol.So I checked my stuff.Threw away my vitamins and will stop taking my colestipol.That stuff gives ya gas and tummy aches.LOL,I gt them anyway.But ....Aspartame is a hidden danger as well....
The Mediterranean diet is pretty good.I do not eat anymore processed foods.Like single wrappe cheese or velveta either.Its fun to cook this food and taste great.If you have a look at it you may like it.Ricc.cheese and tomatoes lots of good things