View Full Version : Gastritis -- how long does it take to get better???

05-10-2013, 06:56 PM
I'm sitting in a Starbucks, a tall coffee to my left. Completely untouched. I want it so bad but I know it's only going to cause my pain.

It's so depressing but might as well get used to it. I have to make a lot of changes in the way I eat and drink.

I've had Gastritis for about a month and a half now. I know each person is different. How long does it take?

I've been on Zantac (300 MG once a day at bedtime) for almost two weeks now and while some of the pain has subsided, I still have fare-ups. It seems it doesn't matter how much I eat or what I eat, I feel some pain even with the tiniest of meals. I've started to narrow down the culprits: Pastries, coffee, spicy or fatty foods, breads, creamy soups, etc. cause the most pain. But again, everything I eat seems to cause some level of discomfort.

I'm a coffee addict, by the way. And I have to give up coffee? I'm a graduate student in my final weeks of my master's degree and my internship is in its final stages. I'm under a lot of stress, as you can see, and can't imagine NOT drinking coffee to survive.

I can do without all the crappy foods -- I really can. I haven't drank soda in years. I basically just drink water AND COFFEE. Yes, I eat bad foods from time to time. I also have occasionally splurged with chinese takeout like any American.

I also have to stop drinking, at least until the symptoms subside. I don't drink as often as the average college student, I know that, but come on! Just one Blue Moon and I'm in pain.

Is this normal for gastritis when I've only been on meds for two weeks and I had symptoms for about a month or two before going to the doctors?

Thanks...any sympathy/help/advice would be so grateful.

Also, what's the best foods to eat? I bought coconut water last night...Started drinking a bit today. When should I notice that take effect?