View Full Version : Acid reflux-I hope?

05-19-2013, 12:31 PM
im 49 and in panic mode,been to 2 differnt hospitals in last month, both sent me home with telling me my heart and lungs are fine and clear. my issues are breathing,just like someone is giving me a bear hug, Do have acid reflux,gerd and copd.
i do get acid feeling in throat when i get the breathing issue-was taking pantoprazole for 3 years now, when issue started and went to hospital they switched me to famotidine. didnt change a thing. breathing issue comes and goes at anytime, but doesnt start until i eat or drink something. hospital told me it was because i was overweight, and come back if i had chest pains with the shortness of breath..,made me sick to call them doctors. sorry about the rant but its been a month of this and i cant handle much more....